Sr. No. Name of Court Name Of The Police Station
1 Civil Judge & J.M-I, Sanghar. P.S Sanghar
P.S Perumal
Excise Crime Circle Sanghar
2 Civil Judge & J.M-II, -Sanghar P.S Sinjhoro
PS Chotiyaryoon
3 Civil Judge & J.M-III, Sanghar P.S Mangli
P.S Jhol
P.S Khadro
4. Civil/Family Judge & JM Sanghar.(Family Jurisdiction of Taluka Sanghar & Sinjhoro)
5. Civil Judge & J.M-I, Shahdadpur P.S Shahpurchakar.
P.S Sarhari.
Excise Circle Shahdadpur
6. Civil Judge & J.M-II, Shahdadpur P.S Shahdadpur.
P.S Lundo.
P.P Railway Shahdadpur
7. Civil Judge & J.M-I, Tando Adam P.S Tando Adam B-Section
P.S Berani
P.S Nauabad.
P.P Railway Tando Adam.
8. Civil Judge & J.M-II, Tando Adam. P.S Tando Adam City
P.S Jam Nawaz Ali
P.S Tando Adam Taluka
9. Civil Judge & J.M, Khipro. P.S Khipro.
P.S Khahi.
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