District Judiciary Of District Dadu

Sessions District was established soon after independence. District Dadu has so far seen as many as sixty nine District & Sessions Judges. Their names with tenures are as follows: -

1. Mr. Raheem Bux P.Munshi 18.10.1948
2. Mr. Ghulam Rasool K.Soomro 05.01.1949
3. Mr. Ghulam Hyder I. Mughal 16.06.1949
4. Mr.Ghulam Rasool K.Shaikh 21.01.1953
5. Mr.Syed Ahmed Mehmood Ghaznavi 25.04.1953
6. Mr.Kambar AliBeg M.Mirza 03.09.1953
7. Mr. Ghulam Hyder I. Mughal 10.01.1954
8. Mr. Moula Bux G. Leghari 23.03.1954
9. Mr.Azizullah M. Memon 14.06.1954
10. Mr.Ghulam Hassan A. Shaikh 16.10.1954
11. Mr.Kambar Ali Beg. M. Mirza 04.06.1956
12. Mr. Hamid Ali M.Memon 08.03.1957
13. Mr.Kambar Ali Beg M. Mirza 09.04.1957
14. Mr.Azizullah M.Memon 01.03.1958
15. Mr.Agha Ali Hyder 07.10.1960
16. Mr.A.G.Muhammad Ali 21.01.1963
17. Mr.Moula Bux G. Leghari 24.02.1964
18. Mr.Syed Zia Hussain Hussaini 01.08.1965
19. Mr. Ghulam Hassan A. Shaikh 04.10.1965
20. Mr.Hamid Ali M. Memon 21.11.1966
21. Mr. G.N. Qadri 10.03.1967
22. Mr. Syed Zia Hussain Hussaini 01.02.1969
23. Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq Hussain 23.04.1969
24. Mr. Ahmed Khan Barakzai 26.04.1971
25. Mr. Moula Bux S.Sangi 04.04.1974
26. Mr. Dhani Bux 16.12.1974
27. Mr. Ali Nawaz Budhani 10.05.1976
28. Mr.Muhammad Ovais G.Murtaza 17.11.1976
29. Mr. Khuda Bux A. Qazi 18.12.1977
30. Mr.Saiyed Iqbal Hassan 19.10.1979
31. Mr. Syed Nasir Hussain Jafri 22.09.1980
32. Mr.Abdul Aziz M.Memon 05.03.1981
33. Mr. Allah Bux A.H Memon 16.08.1981
34. Mr. Amanullah Abbasi 27.02.1982
35.Mr. Nazim Hussain Siddiqui 23.06.1982
36. Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Rajput 13.09.1984
37. Mr. Shabbir Ahmed 07.07.1985
38. Mr. Saleemuddin Memon 12.03.1986
39. Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Hamidi 07.06.1986
40. Mr. Saleemuddin Memon 01.11.1986
41. Mr.Kadir Bukhsh Umrani 01.12.1986
42. Mr. Qazi Muhammad Hussain Siddiqui 14.04.1987
43. Mr. Abdul Ghani Gazdar 04.12.1988
44. Mr. Abdul Jabbar Bachani 12.04.1989
45. Mr.Lal Chand Peswani 22.06.1989
46. Mr.Abdul Hameed Abro 01.09.1990
47. Mr. Khadim Hussain Junejo 06.10.1992
48. Mr. Ghulam Nouman Shaikh 17.01.1995
49. Mr.Syed Irshad Ali Shah 21.08.1996
50. Mr. Muhammad Shafi Arain 23.11.1996
51. Mr.Akbar M. Memon 22.10.1997
52. Mr. Rehmat Hussain Jafri 07.01.1999
53. Mr. Khan Parvaiz Chang 19.05.1999
54. Mr.Hussain Bukhsh Khoso 20.10.1999
55. Mr. Syed Hassan Feroze 04.09.2000 31.10.2003
56. Mr.Azam Anwar Baloch 06.12.2003 13.12.2004
57. Mr. Bashir Ahmed Khoso 13.12.2004 09.07.2005
58. Mr.Ameer Ali Thari 11.07.2005 07.03.2006
59. Mr. Bashir Ahmed Khoso 26.04.2006 08.09.2007
60. Mr.Manzoor Hussain Subhopoto 26.10.2007 21.11.2007
61. Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Akhund 23.11.2007 13.03.2008
62. Mr.Ghulam Mustafa A. Memon 07.04.2008 09.04.2008
63. Mr.Saleem Jan Khan 29.04.2008 26.05.2011
64. Mr.Rasheed Ahmed Soomro 27.05.2001 09.09.2011
65. Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Akhund 05.10.2011 28.09.2012
66. Mr. Ahmed Luqman Memon 06.10.2012 19-11-2013
67. Mr. Amjad Ali Bohio 19-11-2013 12-03-2014
68. Mr. Rashid Ahmed Soomro 14-03-2013 03-10-2015
69. Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khawaja 09-10-2015

District Courts Complex

Foundation stone of District Courts Complex, Dadu was laid on 7th April, 2004 by His Lordship Mr. Justice Sabihuddin Ahmad, the then Chief Justice of Honourable High Court of Sindh. Its construction work completed in nineteen months then it was inaugurated on 18th November, 2006 by His Lordship Mr. Justice Mujeebullah Siddiqui, the then Justice of Honourable High Court of Sindh. Apart from this, judicial complexes are under construction in talukas Khairpur Nathan Shah and Mehar under access to justice program while judicial complex in talulka Johi is already functional. At present following judicial officers are posted in this District.

District Bar Association

Building of District Bar Association, Dadu is an accessory to District Courts Complex, Dadu. It has a beautiful luxury Hall for learned members of Bar, offices of Bar office bearers and a canteen. At present following are the office bearers of District Bar: -

  • President
  • Mr. Abdul Rasool Abasi
  • Vice President
  • Mr. Muhammad Aslam Bughio
  • General secretary
  • Mr. Syed Lal Shah
  • Treasure Ali
  • Mr. Murtaza Babar
  • Library Incharge
  • Mr. Rajab Ali Bhatti

Prominent Lawyers

Honourable judges of superior judiciary namely Justice Abdul Lateef Qureshi, Justice Ahmed Ali U. Qureshi, Justice, Ghulam Nabi Soomro and Justice Akhund Shafi Muhammad have been prominent and glorious lawyers of District Bar Association, Dadu.


  • Mr. Ghulam Shabir Chandio, District Public Prosecutor
  • 2. Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Kalhoro, Deputy District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Imam Bux Syal, Deputy District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Qadir Bux Lashari, Assistant District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Abdul Razaq Naval, Assistant District Public Prosecutor


  • Mr. Muhammad Ismail Qazi, District Attorney
  • Mr. Abdul Khaliq Memon, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Akbar Ali Brahemani, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Shahani, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mst. Shashmad Bukhari, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Saindad Khan Lakher, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Zulifqar Ali Sheikh, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Imtiaz Ali Gadhi, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Shabir Ahmad Qazi, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Nadim Ahmad Qazi, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Mallah, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mst. Khalida Mahesar, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Suneel Kumar, Deputy District Attorney (on deputation at District Qamber-Shahedad Kot)

Old Judicial record

At the eve of Mohtarma Benazir’s assassination, mob around country could not control sentiments, resultantly, not only tranquility had taken but also the private and government properties were torched. Particularly in Sindh Province where the majority of masses assembled and in anguish they set ablaze the main judicial complex of District Courts, Dadu as well as torched the judicial record. However, with great efforts some of the cases of old judicial record are re-constructed/re-constituted. Judicial heritage is spread over long history in itself as such there was a need to prepare a strategy for its preservation, therefore, initially as first stage old judicial record was traced out, reconstructed, reconstituted and assembled at one place, thereafter as second phase strategy, the original record is being scanned and will be saved in computers. At present, some cases of 1944, 1945, 1954, 1956, 1960 and 1964 have been scanned.

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