Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur


Every organization needs to have a strong administration system to carry out its daily business; and Sessions Court, Shikarpur is no exception. We have a very well defined administration setup, divided into several parts (offices) which perform their assigned duties in accordance with law. A brief introduction of these offices are as under:

Superintendent Office

Superintendent is the core-person in the whole organization who is responsible to look after each and every matter including placement of staff at different offices/courts, maintaing record of judges & staff, machinery, furniture & fixtures etc... Superintendent is the main pole of Sessions Court, around which all the activities go on, and who dispose of petty nature matter on his own; while to put up the major problems before the honorable District & Sessions Judge; and to make sure that all the directions of High ups are met with by the officials.

English Branch

The main administration branch of Sessions Court Shikarpur is called English Branch where all the administrative tasks are carried out. This office acts as assistant to the superintendent office by keeping all the required record. Prepare different proposals regarding office work, mainting leave record of officers & officials, drafting, correspondence with other courts and offices within and outside the district/province. All the correspondence is routed through English Branch to/from the District & Sessions Judge and all the official record is maintained by this office including Seniority of officials, Promotion, Demotion or other Proceedings taken against officials, Inquiries, Complaints, Warnings etc, all are handled by the English Branch.

Accounts Branch

This branch is responsible for maintenance of all the accounts-related tasks of Sessions Court, Shikarpur which includes preparation of budget, monthly expenditure statements, periodic accountancy proformas, keeping track of all the purchases made etc...

Copying Branch

One important aspect of the judicial system is 'appeal' i.e. if a person is not satisfied with the decision of a civil or criminal court, he can appeal against that decision to an appellate court e.g. District & Sessions Court, High Court or Supreme Court. Before filing an appeal to appellate court, one must obtain original copies of the order passed by the trial court; for this purpose, Copying Branch is established to provide attested copies of the orders passed by court, or other judicial record, on payment of certain fee.

Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur
Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur