Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur

Family Court

Section 4 of the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 provides that the family Courts established under Section 3 shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain, hear and adjudicate upon matters specified in Part 1 of the Schedule which are as follows:

  1. Dissolution of marriage, including “Khula”
  2. Dower
  3. Maintenance.
  4. Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  5. Custody of Children, and the visitation rights of Parents to meet them.
  6. Guardianship
  7. Jactitation of Marriage
  8. Dowry
  9. Personal Property and belongings of wife.

A woman married under Muslim Law is entitled to obtain a decree for dissolution of her marriage under the dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 on any one or more of the following grounds. click here for more detail


Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur
Welcome to Sessions Court, Shikarpur