About the name of Matiari, it is said that, before settling at here Syed Mir Ali Shah was firstly settled in a village “Muttalo” near to Shahdadpur, District Sanghar, then he settled into the place which is called Matiari, so these Syed’s were called the people of “Muttalo”, which changed to “Muttaalvi” and then “Matiari”.

Matiari is known as cultural capital of Sindh. Here Kashi, traditional Sindh Chadar and Sindhi Cap are made in Matiari and his Taluka Hala and also exported to the Major cities and foreign countries.

Matiari is the one oldest territory of Sindh which was created on 04.04.2005. It has a very bright passed from education point of view.

This region produced a number of religious, scholars, educators, intellectuals, poets which spread the essence of their knowledge all over the Indian sub-continent. Matiari is the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, the great Saint, Soofi poet and lover of Sindh and the world as well. His shrine is situated at the little distance and come in Head Quarter Matiari. In the olden days of British Government, it always acquired FATWAH from the scholars (Ullema’s) of Matiari according to Muslim Law to decide Muslim disputes in Court of Law. Akhund Azizullah who was the first translator of Quran in Sindhi language was also belongs to Matiari.

The First and last “Shaheed” of the Khilafat Movement Muhammad Raheem Qazi was the citizen of Matiari Matiari was established by Syed’s, whose forefathers had come from Herat, Afghanistan, before them there was a small village of the tribe “Change” at this place.

Police Station

  1. PS Matiari
  2. PS Jakheri
  3. PS Sekhat
  4. PS Shahpur
  5. PS Oderolal Station
  6. PS Oderolal Village
  7. PS Khybrani
  8. PS Bhitshah
  9. PS Hala
  10. PS Bhanote
  11. PS Salaro
  12. PS Hala Old
  13. PS Saeedabad
  14. PS Butho Forest
  15. PS Noorketi

Police Check Post

  1. PP Palijani Station (PS Shahpur)
  2. PP Allah Dino Sand (PS Shahpur)
  3. PP Tajpur (PS Shahpur)
  4. PP Fazlani (PS Oderolal Station)
  5. PP Ali Akbar Shah (PS Oderolal Station)
  6. PP Khandu (PS Hala)
  7. PP Aliabad (PS Saeedabad)

Main Town

  1. Matiari
  2. Hala
  3. Saeedabad
  4. Bhitshah
  5. Oderolal Village
  6. Oderolal Station
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