Chandka is the old name of Larkana. Larkana awas renowned for its production of cloth in those days. Its product of cloth was shifted from Mohen-Jo-Daro to the rest of countries via water ways, in the mean time the same cloth was used for mummification in Egypt. Thus credit for unparalleled technological advancement of Mohen-Jo-Daro goes to its trade of cloth. Aryans had come to Sindh in 2234 B.C. and settled in different part of Sindh, and while crossing Larkana, reached Bhanbhoor. Jhokar-jo-Daro is proof of Aryan visit. Different people came in Sindh but non could eliminate the tradition of Aryans till teachings of Gotam Bodh spread in 480's B.C whose proof is found in Moen-jo-Daro that was a center of worship for Buddhism. Sikandar (i-e Alexander) attacked Sindh in 330 B.C. His forces had crossed little known village as Mahota. It was named by his forces as Maota in Greek. After Greeks Sindh was ruled by Gupta dynasty from 320 CE to 525 CE. Thus, Chandias were rewarded heavily for their contribution. It was in this period that Larkana was named as Chandka. However, after demise of Jam Nizamuddin, Shah Beg Argon started ruling over Sindh. Larkano city is purely result of Construction of Canal “Ghaar Wah”. In the late 16th century, Kalhora started their rule. In their rule, Shah Baharo was a ruler of Larkano in Kalhora period Sindhi language rose to its peak, especially in the period of Mian Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan Kalhoro Sahab. After end of Kalhora rule, period of Talpur came and Nawab Wali Mohammad Khan was made Governor of Larkano

In 1843 the English occupied Sindh and divided Sindh in three parts namely Karachi, Hyderabad and Shikarpur. Larkana was the part of Shikarpur and Dadu was part of Larkana. In 1930 Dadu was made a separate district. In 2004-05 Kamber-Shahdadkot was also made a separate district and Larkana got its present shape.

The famous politicians namely Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (Ex-Prime Minister), Shaheed Benazir Bhutto (Ex-Prime Minister), Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto (Ex-Chairman P.P.P Shaheed Bhutto Group), Shaheed Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro (Leader of JUI), Shaheed Bashir Khan Quershi (Ex-Chairman G.A Sindh) were also belongs to District Larkana.


Larkana city is the headquarters of Larkana District. Centrally located with respect to the district, Larkana lies on 27033' 39.60"north latitude and 68o12'27.00" east longitude (coordinates of Lahori Regulator on Rice Canal in Larkana). Sukkur is at a distance of about 85 km in east. Other important towns in vicinity of Larkana are Ratodero, Naudero, Bakrani, Dokri and Badah. The district shares its western boundaries with Baluchistan Province.

The District Larkana contains four dalukas namely Larkana, Ratodero, Bakrani and Dokri.

Culture, Custom and Traditions

Majority of the population of the District are Muslims. The culture life of the Muslims is greatly influenced by the Islamic way of life. The pirs and murshids are held in high esteem and confidence amongst the Muslim particularly by the illiterate masses of the rural areas. Urs ceremonies of pirs are regularly held at the their shrines. The Hindus also hold great confidence in Thakurs and Brahmans. The Brahmans usually perform spiritual rites of Hindus on special occasions.

The languages mostly spoken in this District are Sindhi, Brohi, Balochi, Siraiki and Urdu. However, Urdu is understood by a great majority of the population. Tablas, Dholaks, sarangis, alogozas changs and mutes are the main musical instruments and are played on the occasions of marriages, betrothal, Eids and melas. Songs of different kinds are sung by men as well as women on such occasions. Gharas (pitcher) are also used to make musical-rhythm. Both men and women dance jhumar is a popular dance in this area. Women do not dance in public in front of a male audience.


Five main festivals are held annually in Larkana district, one in the honour of Pirsher at Taluka Larkana, other in memory of Sain Qaim Shah Bukhari, the 3rd. Sain Mehar Shah Bukhari 4th. Sain Bahar Shah and last one is Sain Yousif Shah Jilani.

Judicial Background of District Larkana

In year 1994 the High Court of Sindh Circuit Court Larkana was created. There are 22 Courts functioning in District Larkana in sub ordination of District & Sessions Judge including 03 Courts are in Taluka Ratodero & 01 in Taluka Dokri, while 01 Anti Terriorism Court, 01 Special Court for Anti Corruption, 02 Banking Courts, 01 Labour Court and Court of District Ombudsman are also functioning in District Head quarter.

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