The taluka Kashmore & Kandhkot were part of District Jacobabad up to 13th December and in order to offer more facilities and making the life of people easier, another District carved out of District Jacobabad with name as District of Kashmore with its headquarter at Kandhkot. The new District Kashmore @ Kandhkot comprises on three Taluka viz Kashmore, Kandhkot & Tangwani. The new Taluka Tangwani is a gateway to Baluchistan province while Taluka Kashmore is gateway to Rajanpur District of Punjab. The whole District is connected with the rest of the parts of country through Indus Highway and Railway. The Railway stations are working at Bakhshapur, Kandhkot, Tangwani and Haibat Shaheed.

The District Court Kashmore at Kandhkot was established in the month of July, 2005 after separation from District Jacobabad. In this District there are three Additional Sessions Judges, two Senior Civil Judges, Four Civil Judges/J.Ms and One Family Court and thus 11 Courts are functioning. At the time of separation from District Jacobabad the entire board of all the Courts of District Kashmore at Kandhkot was 2100. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Arain was the first District & Sessions Judge of this District. At present Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah is discharging his duties as District & Sessions Judge Kashmore at Kandhkot since 05.10.2015 .

The boundaries of new District Kashmore at Kandhkot are as under:

  • EAST-->District Rajanpur (Punjab)
  • NORTH-->District Dera Bhugti (Balochistan
  • WEST-->District Jacobabad & Shikarpur
  • SOUTH-->District Ghotki

Geographically District Kashmore at Kandhkot spreads over the area of 640,459 acres (1006 sq. miles). The people of different races and tribes are residing in this District i.e. Mazari, Bijarani, Sundhrani, Domki, Khoso, Jakhrani, Nindwani, Dahani, Bhangwar, Mohammadani, Golo, Lashari and etc. Along with these tribes and races Hindu and Sikh communities are residing in this District peacefully having their historical, religious and cultural places.

There are 14 branches of different Banks working in this District. There is one Thermal Power Station at Guddu and three Grid Stations. The vital installations of this District are Guddu Barrage, Thermal Power Station Guddu, PPL Gas Fields near Rano, Microwave Deramore, Telephone Exchanges, Judicial lockups and sub-treasury. This District has also two NADRA Centers at Kandhkot & Kashmore.

Education Department District Kashmore @ Kandhkot

Total No. Of Schools

Male Female Total
Primary School 677 226 1353
Middle Schools 24 09 50
Total 701 235 1403

Total No. Of Teachers

Male Female Total
Primary School 2632 382 3014
Middle School Teachers 273 34 307
Non Teaching Staff -- -- 421
Total 2905 2905 3742

Total Enrollment

Male Female Total
Primary 76598 14782 91380
Middle 4611 433 5044
Total 81209 15215 96424

Health Department, District Kashmore @ Kandhkot

District Head Quarter Hospital -
Total Staff 1887
Total Taluka Hospital 02
Rural Health Center 04
Basic Health Unit 05
Government Dispensaries Working 17
Government Dispensaries under construction 14
Mother & Child Health care Center 02
Total Staff 548
Doctors 73
Para Medical Staff 98
Female Staff 44
Total Beds 372
Vaccinators 69
Other Staff 264
Total Beds 68
Population of disabled Person -
No. Of Tuberculosis Patients  173
No. of Hepatitis “A” Patients 181
No. of Hepatitis “B” Patients 123
No. of Hepatitis “C” Patients 19
Polio Campaigns -
No. Of Reg. Children in Thaleasmia (No Thaleasmia Center) -
Common Diseases Anemia , diarrhea , T.B DOTs,Malaria, Hepatitis, Skin Diseases
No. Of Nursing Collages Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Nursing College & Hostel Badin.
Mid Wife School Kandhkot 01

List Of Police Officers Of District Kashmore @Kandhkot

I DSP Ansar Ali Mithiani SDPO Kandhkot 0300-2534248, 0314-2478737
1 SIP Gul Muhammad Mahar SHO PS A-Section Kandhkot 0346-8232012, 0333-7307835
2 Insp: Bahardin Keerio SHO PS B-Section Kandhkot 0333-7302567
3 SIP Ali Beg Bijarani SHO PS C-Section Kandhkot 0333-2323511
4 SIP Aijaz Ahmed Khoso SHO PS Ghouspur 0300-3539968
5 SIP Hussain Ali Shahani SHO PS Karampur 0300-3380556, 0346-3650456
6 SIP Ghulam Sarwar Buriro PS Deh Jamal 0301-3840135
II DSP Gul Hassan Jatoi SDPO Kashmore 0333-7307686
7 SIP Manzoor Ahmed Leghari SHO PS Guddu 0300-3732696, 0331-3216550
8 SIP Zaid Ali Noonari SHO PS Kashmore 0333-7303380
9 SIP Zaid Ali Noonari Addl: Charge of SHO PS Geehalpur 03337303380
10 SIP Manzoor Ahmed Leghari Addl: Charge of SHO PS Haji Khan Shar 0300-3732696, 0331-3216550
III DSP Saddique Odho Addl: Charge of SDPO Tangwani 0300-3418277
11 SIP Abdul Fatah Dahani SHO PS Tangwani 0300-3437207
12 SIP Sultan Ahmed Soomro SHO PS Bh.Colony 0334-3755815
13 SIP Mir Beg SHO PS Ghulam Sarwar 0331-2294352
14 SIP Nawab Khan Shujrah SHO PS Shabirabad 0300-3356820
IV DSP Gul Hassan Jatoi Addl: Charge of SDPO Buxapur 0333-7307686
15 SIP Sikandar Ali Soomro SHO PS Buxapur 0333-7338499
16 SIP Abdul Hafeez Chachar SHO PS  Rasaldar 0333-7100754
17 Insp: Nazir Ahmed Dayo SHO PS RD-109 0301-3699443
V DSP Ghulam Sarwar Hulio Addl: Charge of SDPO Miani 0331-2378292
18 SIP Sikandar Ali Soomro Addl: Charge of SHO PS Miani 0333-7338499
19 Insp: Ghulam Mustafa Sethar Addl: Charge of SHO PS Gublo 0334-3968733
VI DSP Deem Muhammad Mazari SDPO Durani Mahar 0300-9219182
20 SIP Liaquat Ali Odho SHO PS Durani Mahar 0300-3855825, 0344-3995736
21 SIP Liaquat Ali Odho Addl: Charge of SHO PS Ghoraghat 0300-3855825, 0344-3995736
22 SIP Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro SHO PS Jangin 0311-3593263
23 SIP Hussain Ali Shahani Addl: Charge of SHO PS Keti 0300-3380556, 0346-3650456


01 District Coordination Officer Kashmore @ Kandhkot 07225-70903
07225-70903 902
02 Mukhtiarkar (Revenue) Kandhkot 0300-3269630 - -
03 Mukhtiarkar (Revenue) Kashmore 0333-7365564 - -
04 Mukhtiarkar (Revenue) Tangwani 0331-7737710 - -
05 District Accounts Officer Kandhkot 0334-2243202 - -
06 District Officer (Forest) Kashmore@Kandhkot 0331-4076630 - -
07 District Officer D.H.O(Health) Kandhkot 07225-70930
- 936
08 Taluka Health Officer H/Q Kandhkot 07225-70930
- 936
09 District Officer EducationKandhkot 0300-3185260 - -

District Bar Association

Building of District Bar Association, Kashmore @ Kandhkot is an accessory to District Courts Complex, Kashmore @ Kandhkot. It has a beautiful luxury Hall for learned members of Bar, offices of Bar office bearers and a canteen. At present following are the office bearers of District Bar:

  • President : Mr._________
  • Vice President : Mr. Nasrullah Solangi
  • General secretary:Mr. Muhammad Qasim Marheto
  • Treasure Ali:Mr. Mohan Lal
  • Library Incharge:Mr. Mohsan Ali Advocate

Prominent Lawyers

Honourable judges of superior judiciary namely Mr. Justice Muhammad Iqbal Khan Mahar has been the prominent and glorious lawyers of District Bar Association, Kashmore @ Kandhkot. Prosecutors

  • Mr. Sahib Dino Bangwar, District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Abdul Fatah Chandio, Deputy District Public Prosecutor (ATC Court)
  • Mr.Muhammad Yaseen Bangwar, Assistant District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr.Bacho Makhija, Assistant District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Ghulam Abass Soomro, Assistant District Public Prosecutor
  • Mr. Abdul Rasool Soomro, Assistant District Public Prosecutor


  • Mr. Wajid Ali Malik, District Attorney
  • Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Soomro, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Mehardin Bhutto, Deputy District Attorney
  • Mr. Mumtaz Ali Bangwar, Deputy District Attorney
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