Badin district is bounded on the north by Hyderabad district on the east by Mirpurkhas and Tharparker districts, on the south the Arabian Sea and Rann of Kutch, which also forms the international boundary with India, and on the west it is bounded by Thatta and Hyderabad districts. The total area of the district is 6,726 square kilometres and the district consists of five talukas, they are Badin, Matli, Tando Bago, Golarchi (Shaheed Fazil Rahu) and Talhar and with the introduction of the Devolution System the talukas have been sub-divided into the Union Councils numbering 46, Tapas 109 and Dehs 511.History of Badin is related with the history of Sindh in general and with lower Sindh in particular. District Badin was established in the year 1975 by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto . Mr. Fakharuddin H. Shaikh was the Ist District & Sessions Judge, who had honour to taken over the charge of the court of newly created district Badin as a District & Sessions Judge, Badin on 3rd June, 1975. The District Badin is consisting upon 13 Courts, out of which three courts such as (1) Senior Civil Judge/Assistant Sessions Judge (2) Ist Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate and 2nd Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate are functioning in Taluka Matli and One Court of Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate is functioning at Taluka Tando Bago. The remaining nine Courts are functioning in district head Quarters Badin. The Courts of Senior Civil Judge and Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate Golarchi/S.F.Rahu were shifted to District Head Quarters on because of non-availability of court building and residences for judges.


In Badin district there are numerous shrines of the saints, which are visited by hundreds of the people daily not only from parts of the district but also beyond. The shrines include that of Saman Shah, one of the greatest saints of Sindh of the last century at Taluka Tando Bago, the shrines of 6 Pirs of Dargah Luari Sharif including that of the famous poet of Sindhi language, Hazarat Sultan-ul-Olya Khowaja Muhammad Zaman and others. While other famous saints who graced this part of Sindh have their last abodes are Ahmed Rajo, Sajan Sawai, Mah Wali, Shah Qadri, Miyoon Mooso, Shah Gariyo, Syed Tajuddin Shah alias Shah Turail, the Hussain Shah 'Sail', Sawall Fakir. The known poets of Sindh, Gul Ghaibee. Shah Dewano, Shaikh Kirhyo Bhandari, Sarwar Fakir, Khan Shah, Mehmood Fakir, the folk Sindhi poet, Shaheed Dodo Soomro, who laid down his life fighting against the invading forces of Alluddin Khijli and others.


This district Badin is one of richest district of this country produces about 50 % of total production of crude oil of Pakistan but remains one of the poorest districts of Sindh. Recent history shows that it has remained in the grip of disasters in one form or another. Cyclone, heavy rains, earthquake, droughts and floods have followed each other with short intervals. Not only this but this district also provides sugar, tomatoes, rice crops and cotton but despite of that, the condition of the people is depend upon the poverty and due to that reason the crime ratio of narcotics cases, robbery cases and theft cases is increasing day by day otherwise this district was previously symbol of peace in Sindh.

Area 6,726 Sq. Kilometers
POPULATION 11, 93,081 Souls (as per census of 1998)
Name and Number of TalukaFive taluka’s (Badin, Matli, Shaheed Fazal Rahu, Talhar, and Tando Bago)
Number of Union Councils46 Union Councils
Number of Revenue Circles13
Number of Tapas 103
Number of Dehs 497
LITERACY24.63 Per Cent
MAIN LANGUAGES SPOKEN Sindhi, Urdu, Persan, Pushtoo, Balochi, Borohvi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Hindko, Kashmiri, Gujrati Kathiawar and Katchi.
TRIBES All sects residing in Country
ECONOMY Industries, Trade, Commerce, Fisheries and Agriculture
INDUSTRIE Light Industries
CLIMATE Moderate
RAINFALL 55.8 mm


METALLED ROADS 2019 Kilometers
UN.METALLED ROADS ___________ Kilometers
RAILWAYS One Hyderabad to Badin
TELEGRAPH OFFICES & INTERNET International & Domestic


Sindh University Laar Campus Badin

No. of Faculties 3
    Morning Section
  1. BBA (4 years)
  2. Bs(CS) (4 Years
  3. B.Commerce (4 yrs)
Evening Section
  1. B.ed
  2. M.ed
  3. MBA
No. of teacher 23  06 Female 17 male
No. of Students 800 ---- ---

Total No. Of Schools

  Male Female Total
Primary Schools 2593 425 3018
Middle Schools 92 36 128
High Schools 42 11 53
Sec. H.Sec Schools 3 2 5
Total 2730 474 3204
Technical Institute 3 0 3
Vocational institute 0 3 3
GCE (Comm: & Pract) 1 0 1
Government Service Centre 1 0 1
Total 5665 951 6416

Total No. Of Teachers

  Male Female Total
Primary School 3622 636 4258
Middle School Teachers 258 49 307
Sec. H. Secondary Teachers 673 188 861
Technical Teachers 24 0 24
Non Teaching Staff 1438 0 1438
Total 6015 873 6888

Total Enrollment

  Male Female Total
Primary 89582 60294 149876
Middle 3469 1847 5316
High Schools 12923 6654 19574
Secondary & H. Sec: School 2323 1161 3484
Technical Institute 526 0 526
Total 108823 69956 178776

Health Department Badin

Total Staff 1887
Total Taluka Hospital 03
District Civil Hospital Badin 01
Rural Health Center 11
Medical Center 01
Basic Health Unit 36
Government Dispensaries 28
Government Dispensaries (Nazim’s Scheme) 21
Total Doctors 366      (341 Male +25 Female)
Total Paramedical Staff 1052
Vaccinator 149
Other Staff 320
Total Beds 372
Population of District Disabled Persons 18149
No. Of Tuberculosis  250
No. of Hepatitis “C & B” Patient   320 Hepatitis C & 10 Hepatitis  B
Polio Campaign (NIDs SINDS)  
Expanded Program for Immunization  
No. Of Reg. Children in Thaleasmia care center   325
Common Diseases Anemia , diarrhea , T.B wormonial infections, Malaria, Hepatitis C & B, Skin Diseases
No. Of Nursing Collages Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Nursing College & Hostel Badin.
Blood Bank Hussaini Blood Bank
No. Of T.B Centers 11
District Projects Digitalization of District Government
Reconstruction of Badin Website
Improvement of NARIMS
Construction of Internal gates for Badin District.
Public Park Bagh Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal Park and laar Museum park at Badin & Bagh Benazir Bhutto at Golarchi
Museum And library Laar Museum and Molvi Hajji Ahmed Mallah Library
Stadium Pir Aalishah Stadium 


National Program for Family Planning And Primary Health Care, Malaria Control Program, Malaria Spray,Family Planning, T.B., Dots Hepatitis, Routine immunization

Facilities At Civil Hospital Badin

X-Ray, Laboratory Dental, Ultra Sound C.C.U, Operation Theater, EPI Centre,ORT, Family Planning leprosy

Pre-History Of Badin:

Badin was founded in 1750 A.D. by a Hindo named Sawalo. It was destroyed 30 Years later by the Afghan General Madad Khan, who lent it to Abdul Nabi, the last of Kalhoras, in lieu of his service against the Talpurs.

The Badin District was created on the 1st January 1975.It comprises two sub-divisions consisting of two talukas, each. The talukas Dero Muhbat, commonly known as Matli and the Tando Bago Comprising the Matli sub-division, each sub-division is in the charge of an Assistant Commissioner, where as each taluka is being run by a Mukhtiarkar. The major portion of the District viz: the taluka Matli, Tando Bago and the Badin originally formed part of the District Hyderabad. The remaining taluka of Golarchi was carved out, by amalgamating a portion of the taluka jati of the District Thatto.

Badin District comprises 5 taluka viz Badin, Matli, Golarchi (Shaheed Fazil Rahu), Talhar and Tando Bago; and 13 circles, 103 Tapas and 497 Dehs. This District is bordered by Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas districts in the north; Tharparkar and Mirpurkhas in the east; Hyderabad and Thatto in the West, and Rann of Kuchh in the South. It also forms international boundary with India. The total area of District is 6726 square kilometers while the population is 11, 93,081 souls as per 1998 census.

The bulk of population resides in the rural areas with farming being their main source of livelihood. The climate is moderate with absence of extreme heat and cold. A fairly strong wind blows almost throughout the year. The District is irrigated from sukkur and koti Barrages and is at the extreme tail end. The main crops are Rice (Paddy), Sugar cane, wheat and Tomato. The economy is based mainly on agriculture.

There are five sugar Mills in the District. The British petroleum Company produces about the 73% of total production of crude oil found in Pakistan. Besides, there are about 100 Rice Husking Mills in the district.

The District has remained the victim of natural calamities one after another. The occurrence of these calamities during last five years has been quick in succession and their catastrophic effect is still stern and prevailing. First the inhabitants residing, near coastal belt experienced a Cyclone in May 1999, and was followed by drought. There area was rocked by an earth quake on January 26, 2001 causing gross damage. Some area of Badin and Golarchi talukas had been sub-merged under saline sea water in the coastal belt. The underground water in almost whole of the District is brackish. The disaster created by cyclone, drought, earthquake and scarcity of water (both for crops and drinking) have exposed the vulnerability of the living human and animals population, agriculture and fisheries.

Name, Location & Boundaries:

The district takes its name from it’s headquarter town. It lies between 24◦-12and 26◦-8 North latitude and 68◦-20 and 69◦-25 East longitudes. The district Badin is located in southern end of the country along the international Border/Rann of Kuchh. District Thatto on west, and District Hyderabad on North, The total area of District is 6,726 square kilometers. This consists of five (05) talukas and 46 Union Councils. The major cities i.e. taluka headquarters are connected with metalled roads. Major part of the district is waterlogged being low-lying area due to its geographic position. It produces about 73% of the total oil produce of the country. The major crops are sugarcane, sunflower, rice and vegetables. There are six (05) Sugar Mills in the District. Marine fish as well as sweet water fish as well as sweet fish is also the major source of income.

The district is bounded on the north by the taluka Tando Muhammad Khan and Tando Allahyar of the district Hyderabad, on the east by the talukas Digri and the Diplo of the Tharparkar (Mithi) District, on the south the district extends upto the salt flats of the Rann of Kuchh, beyond which lies the Indian territory of kuchh Bhuj, on the west the district of Badin extends up to talukas jati and the Mirpur Bathoro of the District Thatto. The seacoast lies on the southwest of the district at a distance of about 97 to 113 kilometers.


The total population of the District as per 1998 census is 11, 93,081 souls, out of which 950,000 reside in rural areas whereas about 186,044 people live in urban areas, The literacy rate of the District is 24.80%. The growth rate of population is 2.265 % and density per square kilometer is 168 persons.

Irrigation :

The Badin District is primarily a paddy-growing tract; and being nearer to the sea and salty marches of the Rann, the area is affected by water-logging and salinity, hence the productive capacity of the soil is affected by water-logging and salinity, and hence the productive capacity of the soil is very low. Due to the installation of two sugar-mills, the pattern of cultivation is changing. The farmers mostly cultivate sugarcane which is a cash crop of this area, and which in turn yields substantial benefit to abadgares/ Cultivators.

Mode of Irrigation :

S.No. Source Area under commander acres Taluka Discharge of irrigational water (Cusecs)
1. Guni Canal (Non Perrinel) 326,712 Taluka Shaheed Fazil Rahu 32,00
2. Phulleli Canal (Non Perrinel) 414,600 Tluka Matliu, Badin & Tando Bago 5,796
3. Akram Wah (Linned Channel (Perrinel) 416,675 Taluka Matli, Tando Bago, Talhar & Badin, Matli Talhar & Tando Bago 2,906
4. Nasir  Channel) 302,012 Matli, Talhar & Tando Bago 876

Due to acute shortage of irrigational supplies, the entire District Badin (Except Taluka Matli) was declared as calamity affected area during Rabi 2001-02, and again for 2002-03 by the Government of Sindh. The recovery of past years arrears were postponed for one year, and the period of recovery for Khariff 2002-03 have been extended up to 30th April. Under devotion of power plan, the Revenue Department at District level has been re organizes as under:

EDO Revenue, D.O (Revenue), D.D.Os (Revenue) Muktiarkar s (Revenue), Muktiarkar (Estate) and Muktiarkar (Estate H.Q)

Crops for Kharif 2008-09 and 2009-10 :

Crop Area under cultivation during Kharif 2001-02 Area under cultivation during Kahrif 2002-03 Acres
Cotton 12,733 12,556 Do
Sugar Cane 70,705 60,077 Do
Paddy 146,680 130,541 Do
Banana/Garden 5,726 5,488 Do
Chilies 2,207 2,230 Do
Vegetables 7121 1,531 Do
Others 90,807 95,147 Do
Total 329570 307,570  

Cultivated area of 22,000 acres has been decreased due to shortage of water.

Forest Department :

No. of Forest 02
Name of Forest Boharrki Forest and Rari Belo
Forest Area 29,554 Acres

Agriculture And Food Administration:

Total Staff 404
Crops with area of cultivation 11,79,826 acres

Main Crops:

Rice/Pady, Cotton, Suger Cane, Chilies, Wheat, Tamatos, Melon, Sun Flower, Onion and Vegetables.

Period Cotton Hec: Rice Hec: Sugarcane Hec: Wheat Hec: Sunflower Hec: Tomato Hec: Onion Hec:
Target achieve Target achieve Target achieve Target achieve Target achieve Target achieve Target achieve
2009-10 18150 82600 44000 31930 74214 13500 4109

Fisheries Department:

Total Fish Pounds Fishing Sites / Public Water area Components Canal /Wah Dandh and Dhora Drain/ Sub Drains Khud / Khamas
370(16,500 acres) 100 28 24 39 09

Wild Life Department:

  • District Badin IS Situated in Indus Delta and Coastal Belt is ideal visiting and breeding place formative and migratory birds, migratory birds from Siberia through Indus flyway No.4.
  • 02. Ther is One Wild Life sanctuary (Part of Runn Kutch) and Hundreds of Wetlands are protected.
  • 03. The Nariri and Jubah lagoons are nominating for declaration of Ramsar
    04. There are Game Birds Animals Grey and Black Porridges. Wild hare other Animals and reptiles Jungle Cat and monitor lizard are protect.
    Total No. of Staff-----------------------
  • Name and Location Visiting points / Sites / Birds hunting Place-Main Minatory Birds

Live Stock Department:

Number of veterinary Hospital 08
Mobile Unit 01
Veterinary Center 25
Total Doctor 14
Total Stock Assistants 20

Livestock Population In District Badin:

1 Badin 3,15,369 4,98,252 2,23,072 5,78,299 8,672 1714 184 18947 16,44,509

Works & Service Department Badin:

Total Staff 20
Total Length of Metalled Roads 2019, KMs

Suger Mils Of Badin:

  • Army Sugar Mills Badin
  • Mirza Sugar Mills Kadhan
  • Dewan Khoski Sugar Mills
  • Pangrio Sugar Mills
  • Dewan Sugar Mills Talhar

Oil Fields of BP Pakistan:

  • Khaskheli Est. Kario Ghanwer
  • Khaskheli West Kario Ghanwer
  • Mazari Matli
  • South Mazari Matli
  • Dhabi Matli
  • Leghari Badin / T.M.Khan
  • North Akri Golarchi
  • Golarchi
  • Gunghro Golarchi
  • Tajidi Golarchi
  • Panrio Matli
  • Moban Matli

Historical Places:

  • Rupa Mari (Tomb of Dodo Soomro)
  • Sahib Mahal (Khaddar) Taluka Tando Bago
  • Aghamano (Taulka Matli)
  • Fateh Bagh
  • Keti of Mir (Near Shadi Larg) Taluka Tando Bago
  • Lahur (Near Pangrio) Taluka Tando Bago
  • The Grave of Sindh Rani at Thari Taluka Matli
  • Jhalar at Taluka Badin
  • Ali Bandar


In Badin District there are numerous Shrines of the saint, which are visited by Hundreds of the people Daily not only from parts of the District but also beyond. The Shrines include that of.

01Syed Saman Shah Sarkar at Pangrio02Khowaja Muhammad Zaman at Luari Sharif
03Raj Shaheen 04 Ghulam Shah
05Sajan Sawai 06Ahmed Rajo Taulka S.Fazal Rahu (Golarchi
07Mah Wali Badin City 08Warayo Maling Badin City
09Shah Qadri Badin City 10Mian Ali near Badin
11Gul Shah Bukhari 12Sawar Pir Machhari Taluka S.F.Rahu (Golarchi)
13Sheenh Mubo Village Main Malook near Peero leshari 14 Mukhdom Nooh Rip Sharif
15 Shaikh Umer near Badin Hyderabad Road 16 Pir Taj din Shah Turail Peero to Tando Bago Road
17Syed Jhando Shah Badin Tando Bago Road 18Syed Shahab din Shah near Mir wah Badin Karachi Road
19Main Moosa near Peero Leshari 20Shah Abdul Haq Alais Shah Gurio near Peero Leshari Taluka Talhar
21Hussain Sail Sawal Fikeer22Gul Ghaibe
23Shah Dewano Taluka Matli24Shaikh Kirio Bhandare Seerani Taluka Badin
25 Khan Shah 26Khalifo Mehmood Fakeer Kario Ghanwar Taluka S.F.Rahu (Golarchi)
27 Shaheed Dodo Soomro Rupa Mari

Melas / Festivals/ Urs Of District Badin:

01 Syed Saman Shah Sarkar at Pangrio 14 Shawal of every of Year (Five Days0 Near Pangrio CityTaluka Tando Bago Syed Ali Bux Shah  
02 Sajan Sawai Every Year OF 19th April and Islamic of Chait Taluka Talhar Syed Bachal Shah (Junior)  
03 Khalifo Mehmood Fakir Nizami (Kario Ghanwer) Every Year in Islamic month Rabi Awal 10 to 12 U/C Kario Ghanhwer Taluka Shaheed Fazal Rahu Golarci Khalifo Abdul Nabi Nazamzni  
04 Sahah Abul Alais Shah Gurio 25th October Every Year Near Peero Leshari Taluka Talhar Ayed Ali Akbar Shah Pagaro
05 Sawan Fakir 1st Week of Febuary of Every Year Near Phalkara Road Taluka Matli Bashir Ahmed Halepoto (Ex MNA_Gadi Nasheen Syed Hyder Ali Shah Otho Sharif
06 Hazrat Pir Shabu Din Ahmed Jeelani Pir Shah Qadri at Badin 1st Monoday of every Islamic Month (Suhao Soomar)Regular Seerani Road Badin City Pir Adil Shah Jeelani
07 Dargah Hazrat Khuwaja
Muhammad Zaman (R.A) of Luari Sharif
25th October of every Year Celebration on Special days of distribution of Lunger etc amomgst Mereeds(Followers) only U/C Luari Sharif
Kadhan Road Taluka Badin
Disputed Matter
08 Dargah Shaikh Kirio Bhandari Every Year in the month of December Near Seerani Taluka Badin Adam Shaikh
09 Dargah Ghulam Shah 27th December of every Year U/C Khadaro Taluka Tando Bago Taj Muhammad Shah
10 Dagah Ahmed Rajo Every year in the month of September U/C Ahmed Rajo  Taluka Shaheed Fazal Rahu Golarchi Umer Rajo
11 Syed Tajudin Shah Alias Shah Turail Not Fixed Tahar and Tando bago Road Khuwaja Community
12 Dargah Gul Ghaibee Every year in the month of September Taluka Matli Mir Muhammad Nizamani/Akram Nizamani
13 Shah Deewano at Thari Matli 27th Ramzan Islamic Calendar Village Thari Nizamani Taluka Matli Fakir Abdul Karim Memon
14 Dargah Khan Shah near Pangrio 12th Zul-Haj to 14th of every Year Near Pangrio Sugar Mills Taluka Tando bago Naseer Muhammad Shah
15 Shaheed Dodo Soomro Not Fixed U/C Seerani Coastal Area Taluka  Badin Ghulam Hussain Soomro/ Soomra Community
16 Syed Mian Ali Shah Rabi Awal Badin to Hyderabad Road Taluka Badin Pir Shuja Muhammad Shah
17 Syed Walayat Shah 14th Safer of every Year Village Peeroz Leghari Taluka Matli Orgnizer Bashir Ahmed Halepoto
18 Saleh Soomro December Near Matli Abdul Shakoor Soomro
19 Dargah Mah Wali Not Fixed Seerani Road Taluka Badin Local Community
20 Mukhdoom Muhammad Ismail Aghamano Every Year in Month of April from 6th to 9th U/C Ghulab Leghari Taluka Matli Mian Ghlum Abbas Qureshi.

Police Department Strength

05Tando Bago06Shaheed Fazal Rahu
07Tando Ghulam Ali08 Ghulab Leghari
09Kario Ghanwer10Pangrio
11Khorwah 12Nindo
13Rajo Khanani14Khoski

List Of Telephone Numbers:

01. District Police Officer Badin 0297-861282-0297-861667 0297-861324 0297-861663
02. D.P.O.Investigation Badin 0297-861284-0297-862006    
03. DSP HQrs. Badin 0297-861278    
04. DSP/S.P.O.Matli 0297-840233    
05. DSP/S.P.O. S.F. Rahu 0297-853221    
06. DSP/S.P.O. Tando Bago 0297-854370    
07. L.O.P.L Badin 0297-861244    
08 SHO PS Badin 0297-861210    
09. SHO PS Kadhan 0297-864019    
10. SHO PS Talhar 0297-830222    
11. SHO PS S.F. Rahu 0297-853710    
12 SHO PS Kario Ghanwer Nil    
13. SHO PS Matli  0297-840222-0297-840396    
14 SHO PS Tando  Ghulam Ali 0297-851026    
15. SHO PS Ghulab Leghari 0297-898039    
16. SHO PS Tando Bago 0297-854033    
17. SHO PS Pangrio 0297-857030    
18. PP Badin City 0297-861666    
19. PP Nindo Shehar 0297-820017    
20. PP Rajo Khanani 0297-846066    
21. PP Khoski 0297-940151-0297-840152    
22. 15 Centre Badin 0297-861903-0297-862269    

No. Of Voters Muslims, Non- Muslims & Grand Total:

Taluka N0.of Voters Muslims N0.of Voters Non Muslims    Grand Totals
       M     F Total   M   F  Total    M        F  Total
Badin 72662 54240 126902 6138 4293 10431 78800     58533   137333
Talhar 23513 18770 42283 5542 4084 9626 29055     22854     51909
42450 30247 72697 8382 6238 14520 50832     36385     87217
Matli 56642 48282 104924 16295 12402 28697 72937     60684   133621
Tando Bago 55535 43111 98646 11450 8972 20422 66985     52083   119068
Total 250802 194650 445452  47807 35889 83696 298609   230539   529148

Laar Museum:

Laar Museum Soomar Sheikh (1935-1986) was founder of Laar Museum. He established this museum in 1980 at his own but afterwards was assisted by District Council Badin. A room was provided by Municipal Committee Badin for this purpose Khalifo Abdullah Memon, Chairman Municipal Committee Badin also provided few showcase for Laar Museum. After-wards a plan for Construction of new Building was approved and initially two rooms were constructed to House the Museum.

The Chief Minister of Sindh Jam Sadiq Ali sanctioned a grant for construction of new Building for museum in 1991. In 2004 the museum was shifted to new Building.

Credit for Shifting re-organizing Laar Museum and Molvi Haji Ahmed Mallah Library goes to Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah District Coordination Officer/Chairman Laar Museum. He got the budget sanctioned accordingly and ordered for purchase of furniture and new books for Library. This Library started functioning from 15 May 2004.

Laar Museum consists of items of following sections.

  1. Archaas Logy
  2. Photography
  3. Bhnolgy
  4. Sound Section
  5. Omaments
  6. Manuscripts.
  7. Miscellaneous.


  1. Area of the compound--5 Aacres
  2. Total Books and Magzine--7000
  3. Total Sttaf--7(Regular) + 11 (Contract)
  4. Total Members--250
  5. Annual Fee--300 Rupee

Publication Of Telephone Directory Of Government District Badin:

01. District Coordination Officer Badin 0297-862362
02. Deputy District Officer (Coord:)Badin      
03. Deputy District Officer (HRM)Badin 0297-862418    
04. Deputy District Officer (GA&CM)Badin 0297-861996    
05. Executive .District Officer.(Revenue)Badin 0297-861744 0297-861744  
06. District Officer (Revenue)Badin 0297-862384 0297-861355  
07. Deputy District Officer (Revenue)Badin 0297-861358 0297-861358  
08. Deputy District Officer (Revenue)Talhar 0297-830266 0297-830266  
09. Deputy District Officer (Revenue) Matli 0297-840255 0297-840255  
10. Deputy District Officer (Revenue)TandoBago 0297-854423 0297-854423  
11. Deputy District Officer (Revenue)S.F.Rahu 0297-853197 0297-853017  
12. Mukhtiarkar (Revenue)Badin 0297-861245 0297-861245  
13. Mukhtiarkar (Revenue)Talhar 0297-830280 0297-830280  
14. Mukhtiarkar (Revenue)Matli 0297-840205 0297-840205  
15. Mukhtiarkar (Revenue)Tando Bago 0297-854037 0297-854037  
16 Mukhtiarkar (Revenue)S.Fazal.Rahu 0297-853053 0297-853053  
17 Executive .District Officer.(F&P)Badin 0297-861048 0297-810403  
18. District Officer(Planning)Badin 0297-861189 0297-861189  
19. District Officer(Finance) Badin 0297-861853 0297-861853  
20. District Accounts Officer Badin 0297-861307 0297-861307  
21. Executive .District Officer.(Agriculture)Badin 0297-861758    
22. District Officer(Agri:Extension) Badin 0297-861623    
23. District officer (Animal Husbandry)Badin 0297-    
24 District Officer (Forest) Badin 0297-861231    
25. District Officer(Fishries) Badin 0297-862210    
26. District Officer(W.M)NPIW Badin I 0297-    
27. District Officer(W.M)NPIW BadinII @Matli 0297-841335    
28. Executive .District Officer.(Health)Badin 0297-861871 0297-861871  
29. District Officer (Health) Badin 0297-861871 0297-861871  
30. Taluka Health Officer H/Q Badin 0297-861871 0297-861871  
31. Taluka Health Officer MS Taluka Hospital Matli 0297-840271 0297-840744  
32. Taluka Health Officer MS Taluka Hospital S.Fazal Rahu (Golarchi) 0297-853333 0297-853285  
33. Taluka Health Officer MS Taluka Hospital Tando Bago 0297-854562 0297-840972  
34. Taluka Health Officer MS Taluka Hospital Talhar 0297-830247 0297-841174  
35. Civil Sugeon Civil Hospital Badin 0297-861908 0297-862479  
36. Executive .District Officer.(CDD)Badin 0297-861744
37. District Officer. (SW)CDD Badin 0297-861232    
38. District Officer Cooperative, Badin 0297-744326    
39. District Officer, Sport &Culture, Badin 0297-862334    
40. District Officer Labour, Badin      
41. Deputy District Officer,(SW)CDD Badin 0297-810341    
42. Deputy District Officer,(SW)CDD Matli 0297-840168    
43. Deputy District Officer,(SW)CDD Tando Bago 0297-854370    
44. Deputy District Officer,(SW)CDD S.F.Rahu 0297-853387    
45. Admn: Officer Socio Economic Centre, Badin 0297-861226    
46. Local Govt. Support Officer, Badin 0297-862610    
47. Zila Council Office Bain 0297-862238    
48. Taluka Municipal Admn: Badin 0297-862165    
49. Taluka Municipal Admn:Talhar 0297-830230    
50. Taluka Municipal Admn: S.F.Rahu 0297-853018    
51, Taluka Municipal Admn: Matli 0297-840579    
52. Taluka Municipal Admn: Tando Bago 0297-854563    
53. Executive .District Officer.(Law)Badin      
54. Executive .District Officer.(Education)Badin 0297-861784 0297-861784  
55. District Officer Education(S.H.S) Badin 0297-861164    
56. District Officer Education (Elem:) Badin 0297-861183 0222772118  
57. District Officer Education (Tech:) Badin 0297-862423 0298-605118  
58. District Officer Education (Lit:) Badin   0297-862259  
59. District Officer Education (SEMIS) Badin 0297-861179 0297-830135  
60. District Officer Education (Sport)Badin 0297-861805    
61. District Officer Education (W&S)Badin 0297-861494    
62. Assistant District Officer(M)Badin 0297-861193    
63. Assistant District Officer(F)Badin 0297-862357    
64. Assistant District Officer(M)Tando Bago 0297-854323 0297-854043  
65 Assistant District Officer(F)Tando Bago 0297-854124 0297-8102324  
66. Assistant District Officer(M)Talhar 0297-830192 0297-840066  
67. Assistant District Officer(F) Talhar 0297-8300191 0297-840244  
68. Assistant District Officer(M)Matli 0297-840111 0297-840270  
69. Assistant District Officer(F) Matli 0297-840111 0297-840270  
70. Assistant District Officer(M)S.F.Rahu 0297-853738 0297-745092  
71. Assistant District Officer(F) S.F.Rahu   0297-853413  
72. Deputy Commissioner Income Tax Badin 0297-861269    
73. Circle Officer Anticorruption, Badin 0297-861296    
74. General Manager NCHD Badin 0297-862626
75. District Food Controller Badin 0297-862625    
76. Superintendent District Jail, Badin 0297-810379    
77. General Manager Sui Gas Badin 0297-862241    
78. District Game Warden, Badin 0297-861737    
79. Excise &Taxation Officer, Badin 0297-862000    
80. District Officer Zakat &Ushr. Badin 0297-861322    
81. District Officer SDSSP. Badin 0297-862906    
82. Incharge SRDP, Badin 0297-862392    
83. District Information Officer, Badin 0297-862434   0297-861290
84. Incharge Laar Museum, Badin 0297-810302    
85. District Incharge NADRA, Badin 0297-861393    
86. District Incharge Baitul Mal, Badin 0297-861955    
87. District Population Welfare Officer Badin 0297-861926    
88. Sub Divisional Officer (Wapda) Hesco, Badin 0297-861972    
89 Sub Divisional Officer Telephone, Badin 0297-861961    
90. Executive .District Officer.(W&S)Badin 0297-862283 0297-862396  
91. District Officer Roads Badin 0297-861840    
93. District Officer Buildings, Badin 0297-810353    
93. District Officer Education Works Badin 0297-861494    
94. Executive Engineer Public Health Badin 0297-861478    
95. Executive Engineer Provincial Building Badin 0297-861410    
96. Assistant Election Commissioner Badin 0297-861294    
97. Chairman SIDA Badin 022-9200649    
98. Director SIDA Badin 022-9210399    
99 Executive Engineer Fuleli Badin 022-9210399    
100. Executive Engineer Guni Badin 022-3341532    
101. Executive Engineer Akram Wah Badin 022-3341532    
103. Assistant Executive Engineer Mir wah Talhar      
104 Assistant Engineer Kazia wah Badin 0297-861422    
105. Assistant Engineer Sub Division Kadhan      
106. Executive Engineer LBOD Hydeabad 022-9210347    
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